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Handle of walking tractor clutch rebound solutions

Jan 23, 2017

Walking tractor clutch handle will rally reason: walking tractor clutch or in the process of joining in a joint State, clutch handle will appear all of a sudden rebound, sometimes accompanied by isolated bearing red, biting fixedly. The reason:

A, clutch clearance is too small, engaging not in prison, in clutch situations, head release lever and release bearing friction collision, even hot red. Killed when separate bearing steel ball and seat, then rotate with the separate clutches with bearing,easy handle back.

Second, serious clutch friction plate wear and deformation, resulting in excessive Separation, separation is not clear. Multiple adjustments, making clutch clearance adjustment bolts protruding length is inconsistent, some even longer, so when the clutch pressure plate rotate, adjust the bolt head with the clutch claw connected with clutch lever fork clattering claw reversal caused separation, handle bounce.

Third, the improper operation and use, causing clutch axial clearance when when clutch axial movement seriously, resulting in release bearing contact with release lever, scratches, and even burning loss of heating, the clutch rebound. Therefore, youshould regularly check the clutch Separation, should be adjusted when the gap is too large or too small, found severe wear or warping of clutch friction plate, should be replaced to avoid clutch clearance adjustment bolt stretched out too long.

Should be used with proper handling and tractor clutch, found the axial movementof the clutch should be check and adjust in a timely manner.