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Harvester accessories maintenance

Jan 23, 2017

Harvesting machines in use when more accidents often occur, in the event of accidents, the harvester parts companies will need to spend more time and effort to repair the harvester. Now if there is a problem in the majority of harvesters, it is inmany cases harvesters accessories arising out of the improper use of, so should remind everyone in this Harvester accessories maintenance is more concerned about the above.

First, harvester accessories should be placed correctly

Now if you want to combine harvester accessories when using relatively easy, thenharvesters accessories for maintenance on a regular basis, so you can make Harvester accessories in place better quality, then this will make the use easier to install.

Second, remember when loaded

Harvester accessories professionals suggest that you should pay attention to thedimensions of the accessories when installing, if it is not the right size, so installed,they were not. So at the time of purchase must be size.