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How to buy good quality Harvester accessories

Jan 23, 2017

In recent years, as the number of harvesters in the domestic market increased, harvester parts manufacturer's sales are showing a rising trend, this it is inevitable that some unscrupulous businesses sell inferior quality accessories in own interests arise. So when we in the purchase of Harvester accessories, you must acquire a certain amount of power. Here to share with you about how to choose the best Harvester accessories, hope can provide some help!

1, When you buy a shaft parts, they should check with the axis of the bearing fit diameter and straightness of the axis.

2, At the time of purchase of Harvester cutter, should be focused on checking the knife beam, the straightness of the cutter bar and several working clearance.

3, The purchase of Harvester accessories best according to the brand of the machine, to parts of the local franchised or reputable, farm machinery parts company with regular purchasing channels to purchase spare parts, remember not to buy "three noes" accessories to prevent counterfeit products cannot be used.

4, When the purchase of Harvester spare parts, be sure to accurately remember original spare parts specifications, models and diagrams, etc. If it is the same type of spare parts, manufacturers are advised to be patient when there are a lot of choices similar to the original manufacturers of products to match.

5, Purchase of should choose no cracks, sand holes, scratches, defects of appearance clean and smooth parts;

6, You should check when buying accessories specification of every shape and size, if you determine size standard before they can buy.