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How to troubleshoot a tractor gear problem

Jan 23, 2017

Walking tractors and hang 2 gears and reverse gear. Left side of the transmission(hand), reverse gear fork shaft above the air, twist a 1 fasten the bearing cap bolt(M8x25), with a length of 180 mm, 4 mm diameter round bar into the bolt hole, atthe fork and push, you can put the gears into neutral. Then take off the 2 gears, the clutch-gearbox check oil hole below the side, twist a 1 fastening bolts of the gearbox (M10x85), with specifications of round 1 at 2, 3 shift fork, slightly and push, 2speed gear back into the neutral position.

While hanging on tractors 3-speed and 1 block. Pick open 3 block, you want to exclude in the aforementioned hole, pick the open 1, above the gear box oil inspection hole screw hole excluded below, specific methods of operation this time.