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Talk about Harvester accessories three security points

Jan 23, 2017

As we all know, Reaper is seasonal, so pay attention to care and maintenance. However, in the use process Reaper, how to ensure the safe use is a more importantissue, then we should follow what security essentials do? Harvester parts companyprompted people to use note:

1. Parts of the harvester in no-load operation, assignment and transfer equipment,must be aware of a problem remove security shield is strictly prohibited. Securityguard if damaged should be replaced immediately.

2. The use of random fire extinguisher should be available at the same time, regularly check the fire extinguishers performance is good, such as when you encounterunexpected events such as fire, first thought of using a fire extinguisher. Is strictly prohibited under the power lines down, corn picker not for work and high tension line parallel to the road.

3. Regular checks of supporting the tractor's brake mechanism, steering and the reliability of the signal system. If exceptions are found, repairs must be adjusted. Ready to start the device must signal and make sure that no one around to near thestart.

These three aspects is the harvester spare parts requirements for the safe use, weshould pay attention to the basic elements, pay attention to these issues, can be effective in dealing with security issues.