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Tractor operation experience details

Jan 23, 2017

1. Walking tractors before starting, hand check and add plenty of engines in the diesel fuel, oil and cooling water, and fill it with gear oil in the gear box.

2. Start, place the throttle in the suspend position, press the decompression lever,turn crank rocker engine 20-50, oil lubrication, and observe the oil indicates that the valve is rising. Then place the throttle in position, turn after the decompression engine, when reporting up to 100 cycles/minute, quickly release the decompressionlever, engine to normal startup.

3. It should not be immediately operational, should be around throttle position 5minutes to observe whether the engine is running properly, you should investigatethe cause of downtime and troubleshooting.

4. When the engine's cooling water temperatures up to 60 c load may be put intooperation, 75 ℃-95 ℃ temperature for the load job.

5. When using clutch operation, should be separated to promptly and thoroughly,combine the clutch slowly. No clutch work living in a State of separation.

6. The shift should be soft and not hard hang, should change from low speed first,then separate clutch reduces throttle, again in high gear. Change from low speedand vice versa.

7. To maintain a safe speed. Across town, towns, villages, narrow road, bends, up and down slopes, intersections, bridges and other places, are not allowed to exceed 15 km/h.

8. Tractor no speeding, overloading, super high, long, wide running, no human, nopassenger and freight mixed, no gap slipped.