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Tractor right downhill towards method

Jan 23, 2017

1. Downhill tractor is how to turn

Speed v located downhill walking tractor driving wheel speed is v v right and left respectively, tractor driving, V=V left, =V right.

Walking tractors

Dang locomotive downhill Shi slope larger Shi, locomotive of inertia force and fell force of Heli is greater than diesel engine gravity, at locomotive to achieved right steering, so hand pinch reverse put hand (that left of clutch device), at locomotive left of drive round for empty block, v left that and locomotive with speed, and locomotive right of drive round for continues to by traction of drive, for traction is less than locomotive of inertia force and fell force of Heli, traction instead into resistance, and v left =V, so, v right <V left, at, locomotive around right drive round rotating. Locomotive turning to the right.

When locomotive downhill slopes are not very large, the inertial forces and the decline of the locomotive when the resultant force is less than the tractive effort of the locomotive, locomotive at this time to achieve the right turn. If the hand continued to squeeze the reverse hand (that is, the clutch on the left). Locomotive driving wheel on the right will remain driven by traction, so v the right speed with the locomotive, because the left drive wheel is in neutral, its driving force is only locomotivestogether with the sliding force of inertia force; v right =V left <V, therefore, locomotive rotate around the driving wheel on the left, the locomotive suddenly turned to the left, and vulnerable to accidents.

2. Proper use of tractors downhill turn method

Because of the complex road conditions, tractor downhill slope is difficult to distinguish, so downhill walking tractor steering angle when try to use steering handlemethod implementation.
Downhill tractor available way to slam on the brakes, making tractors in a brakingState and driving tractors to the ground turned to change the method of.

Confirm road steep (greater than the critical slope), the available tractor steeringpinch reverse steering handle method implementation. In identifying road grade issmaller (less than the critical slope), the pinch method, locomotive steering with steering handle.