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Tractor used to do three tasks to accomplish

Jan 23, 2017

Walking tractor with its easy operation, flexible, efficient, versatile and affordable by the majority of farmers of all ages, but some farmers reflect the higher failure rate. By understanding its causes, farmers just left yesterday, "three" (plow, hoe, sickle put), agricultural machinery, lack of tractors and technical knowledge, running, caused by improper use, maintenance, technicians advise hand agricultural machinery, tractors in use to "third place".

A new machine running in place. Many people believe that the break-in is waste oftime and a waste of fuel, "uneconomical"; some people not running directly downhigh speed use, and some do not understand the concept of running, idling more than 2-3 hours. According to experts, running is a gradual process, must be taught starting throttle low speed, low and low load, gradually increasing to high speed,and high loads. The aim is in good technical condition and lubrication conditions,by slowly increasing loads gradually refining part of surface part, laying the foundations for the normal use and extend the life of the machine. Therefore, farmers must be in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions in using necessary running.

Second, method of operation, should be in place. Walking tractors in use, methodof operation is not in place, and is likely to cause some trouble. Operations, to avoid overload operation for a long time. Hard in paddy fields and field operations,machine belching black smoke, time to downshift. Jobs in the field, slow to do one,two, three passed. Comply with strict rules. Second, the noise found in the job to outage maintenance, troubleshooting in order to restart clearance to ground checkadjustments.

Third, the maintenance should be in place. Due to a bad tractor working environments, maintenance is very important. At work because of the parts to each other friction vibration, oil, mud, water, and will inevitably result in wear and tear parts, loose connection, corrosion, ageing, allowing tractor and Rotary cultivator technologygone bad, power is reduced, increased fuel consumption, wear faster fault arise.Machines, such as weakness, difficulty in starting, this is typically caused by insufficient maintenance failures.

Walking tractor to prevent this from happening, and to strictly enforce the "prevention is more important than cure, emphasis on" maintenance of the system. Maintenance must be carried out strictly according to the cycle and content, maintenance,to avoid faulty fuel and lubricants. As long as the "new machine running, operation, and maintenance" in place three, walking tractors can improve performance, high efficiency, high quality, low cost, safe agricultural production and services, contribute to the farmers.