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Tractors start skill

Jan 23, 2017

1. The tractor before starting check the fastener loose, diesel fuel, oil and cooling foot; check the Starter shaft claw and hand there is severely deformed or worn claw, if any, should be repaired or replaced in a timely manner, in order to ensure safe operation.
Walking tractors

2. Hand claws and Starter gear not stained with oil.

3. Place the shift lever in neutral, taut trailer brakes the brakes or host, and then close the throttle, turn the crank several rings, oil related friction surface.

4. Close the throttle rocker turn crankshaft several times and stopped shaking, hand can't slip out, should find the cause, and grinding Starter claw until the hand slide out automatically so far.

5. Start, feet apart, upper body leaning to the left, avoiding the hand space; right hand fingers on the hand and squeezing the same side, turn the power on hand, do not hold the hand downward pressure or force to prevent crank kicked back hurts.

6. In turn should concentrate in the hand, right hand gradually to strength, from slow to fast, do not stop or decrease the force in the middle.

7. When the flywheel inertia enough, rapid stress left handle right hand continues to turn until the start.

8. When the engine starts, hand-cranked out automatically, do not let go at this time to prevent hand hurts flew out.

9. If enough hand strength, lack of inertia of the flywheel, reverse after the diesel engine starts, immediately stalled or anti-burnt soon due to oil pump.

10. In case tractors hand cannot automatically after starting out, immediately turn off the engine throttle, or open decompression engine around and immediately evacuated personnel away from the rotation of the hand plane.