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Advantages Of Diesel Engines

Aug 10, 2017

                Diesel engines are engines that burn diesel to get energy. It was invented by German inventor Rudolfdiesel in 1892, and in memory of the inventor, Diesel was expressed in his surname Diesel, and the diesel engine was also called the Diescher engine.Diesel Engine

                The diesel engine also belongs to the internal combustion engine, is burns the diesel to obtain the energy to release the motor. Diesel engine thermal efficiency and economic good, it uses compressed air method to improve the air temperature, so that the air temperature exceeds the ignition point of diesel fuel, then sprayed into diesel oil, diesel spray and air mixture at the same time to ignite their own combustion. Therefore, the diesel engine does not need ignition system.Diesel Engine

                The fuel supply system of diesel engine is relatively simple, so the reliability of diesel engine is better than that of gasoline engine. In the same power situation, the diesel engine torque is large, the maximum power when the speed is low. With the progress of diesel engine technology in recent years, especially the new development of small-scale high speed diesel engine, a batch of advanced technology can be applied on small diesel engine, so the shortcoming of the original diesel engine has been solved better.Diesel Engine

                The advantages of diesel engine in energy saving and CO2 emission are not replaceable by all the thermodynamic engines including petrol engines, so the advanced small-speed diesel engine has already reached the European Standard III, becoming a "green engine" and has become a power plant of many new cars in Europe and America.Diesel Engine