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Agricultural Machinery Parts The Installation Of The Skills

May 17, 2017

Agricultural Machinery Parts In the maintenance of agricultural machinery, some accessories because of the structure of the restriction, assembly when a slight inadvertently will be fitted back to the agricultural machinery to leave potential trouble. Completes the assembling work of agricultural machinery fittings, not only can improve the efficiency of the machine tools, but also can effectively exclude the malfunction. Here are some of the main assembly techniques for the fittings:

Agricultural Machinery Parts CYLINDER gasket.

With oil holes, it must be aligned with the corresponding oil passage holes in the body and cylinder head, lest the gas distribution mechanism on the cylinder head cause friction with oil breaking. No oil passage holes and positive and negative shape of the same, to the cylinder head of the material to determine: for aluminum alloy cylinder head, cylinder head roll side should be facing the cylinder body; for the cast iron cylinder head, the cylinder head rolls side should be headed toward the cylinder head.

Agricultural Machinery Parts piston and piston rings.

A piston with an upward arrow, such as marking the top, shall be mounted in the direction prescribed by the marker; no markings, the small gaps beside the piston top eddy current pits or pits are directed toward the injector side to ensure the uniformity of the gas mixture. When assembling piston rings, top has "Shang", "up" such as marking, shall be upward; "at the top of the unmarked twisted ring, the inner circular groove or chamfer should be downward; chrome plated rings (shiny shell) should be mounted in the first piston ring slot, each ring opening should stagger 120 to ensure its sealing effect.

Agricultural Machinery Parts Connecting Rod and rod cover.

The connecting rod of horizontal diesel engine adopts 45 degrees, and the cross-section should be downwards to improve the force of connecting Rod Bolt. The connecting rod cap and the connecting rod are paired, and the matching notation should be placed on the same side to ensure the roundness and cylinder of the connecting rod bearings conform to the prescribed requirements.

Agricultural Machinery Parts Main bearing cap, bearing bush, bushing. The main bearing cap and the airframe bearing housings are paired boring machining, should be matched by the matching token, shall not arbitrarily swap or change the assembly direction, lest destroy the main bearing seat bore with the same axle degree and dimensional accuracy. The bearing or bushing of the oil hole shall be aligned with the corresponding oil passage holes on the housing and bushing holes to ensure the flow of the circuit.

Agricultural Machinery Parts Drive shaft and transmission chain.

The transmission fork at both ends of the drive shaft shall be in the same plane, lest the transmission parts be torsional vibration and damage. The transmission chain adopts the spring clamp, which should make the opening end direction opposite the chain movement direction, lest the collision fall off in the movement.

Agricultural Machinery Parts Drive wheels.

The drive wheel has an upward arrow marking the direction of the tyre, which should be directed toward the forward, and the top of the "eight" or "person" glyph pattern should be upward from the rear view of the locomotive.

Cylinder head bolts.

If the head of the bolt is coarse thread, and the other end is fine thread, the thread end of the coarse tooth should be screwed into the body; if the ends of the bolt are fine teeth, the shorter end should be twisted into the body to ensure that the cylinder cap is pressed.

Agricultural Machinery Parts Oil pump and fuel injection pump.

The oil pump adopts the planetary rotor type, the outer rotor should be inverted angle toward the pump body, lest the oil in the pump cycle and reduce the pump pressure. A crescent-shaped positioning slot on the nozzle of the injector should be aligned with the positioning holes on the pump body, the marking (or the return oil groove) of the plunger should be mounted on the upper side, lest not cause the oil or diesel engine to "speed".