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Bulb Tubular Generator Failure

Jul 26, 2017

            The stator frame adopts the whole circle structure, the stator core is a wall structure, and adopts the fan-shaped stack with low loss and high silicon steel sheet punching, and the whole Circle 54 pigeon tail ribs are positioned, and the pressure ring and bolt are pressed tightly, iron core diameter of 4 $number mm, internal diameter of 4 mm, iron core length of $number mm, no radial ventilation ditch, iron core outside the cold state and the base wall has about 0.4 mm gap, hot state is close to the chassis wall to heat cooling. There are 24 temperature measuring elements on the line layer and the bottom of the iron core trough, each 12 in the upper and lower reaches, 8 in each phase, and 4 trough bottom between 4 layers. The rotor adopts a "T" type structure.

             March 1996, No. 1th machine in operation generator differential and voltage memory Overcurrent protection action, unit accident shutdown. The results show that the stator a, C-phase wire rod is cut short by shearing after the stator core tooth layering is removed from the lower side of the stator. Manufacturers to send experts to the scene to guide repair, take the burnt line stick off and short of temporary measures, lasted 25 days to repair.Generator

             In July 1997, No. 1th machine had a sudden smoke inside the stator during operation, and during the smoke process, generator protection did not send any signal. It was found that the iron core of the 5th to 26th groove of the stator was overheated and discolored, and the slot wedge was charred and the iron core had a serious short-circuit phenomenon. After lifting the stator, it is found that a total of 26 magnetic poles outside the rotor and the stator iron core burned the site corresponding to the obvious scratch marks. In the process of removing iron core, it was found that there were obvious loosening phenomena in 9 locating bars around the burnt parts of iron core, and 4 of them were dropped after the iron core was demolished. Manufacturers to strengthen and replace part of the positioning bar, while the stator core tooth layering reinforcement welding and other measures.Generator

             In June 1999, No. 3rd machine operation, the generator into the hole out of a large number of black smoke, and accompanied by strong smell of coke, running sound abnormalities, unit downtime. The stator and rotor phases were found to be friction, the core of the lower part of the stator was worn, across 9 teeth, and about the width of cm (0. $number m2), with obvious signs of fever, its slot wedge color yellowing and drop out, measuring its iron core inner circle, found that the stator changed to form bell-shaped, that is, the upstream side diameter is large, the downstream side diameter is small, the reason for the pigeon tail bar fixed screw and plug welding point fracture occurs fixed rotor sweep.Generator