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Buy On Tractor Problem

Jan 23, 2017

Tractor purchase, first of all need to check quality, including painting quality of coverage and the mechanical manufacturing quality. Paint should be bright and uniform, no spray leaks, peeling, peeling and rusting; external parts intact. The smooth surface of the casting, without cracks, welds the seam flat and firm; as the engine and airframe, engine cylinder head, high pressure oil pump and the oil line joints, wheel, engine and transmission, and other important components to check bolt is complete and reliable, no serious oil leakage. Next is see the instrument and lamp is complete and valid. Can open engine decompression lever, slowly shaking engine, check oil pressure gauge or other display of oil pressure indicating devices have increased pressure. Check whether the operator card touch operation is efficientand reliable. Pull clutch handle and put it into the "isolated" position, the separation should be complete in "combination" position, there should be no slipping; in the "brake" position, drive tires turn to check where I was personnel force actuator isefficient and reliable. In gear, the gear lever shall be clearly feel, there should be no card holder, hanging gear problems or can't put gear, main gear lever in a stopped state can only be hung from the neutral position a or no more than two, andcannot automatically stop and block when you walk in. Steering clutch inspection, hangs in gear, clutch in combination position, squeeze the handle, driving wheels can easily scroll, release the Steering handle, find promotion difficult. Can also be left checked, squeeze the handles on the side, you can rotate in the opposite direction.

Starting engine operation check. Before you start the engine, check engine oil, gear lube oil level and the availability of fuel and water. After everything works, you can start, check whether the engine starting difficult. After the smooth running of theengine, observe the color of exhaust pipe tobacco. Normal operation of diesel engine exhaust smoke is colorless or pale gray. During the operation, pay attention to moving parts there is no abnormal noise. Drag the hand steering is flexible, braking is reliable. Run for about ten minutes, check there is no oil leaking on the ground.

Hand protection comes to hand and the safety of others. Users are advised to complete safety protection device is a good choice of models. The Starter claw, PTOshaft, driving wheel, flywheel, drive belts, exhaust pipes and other parts for security protection, tank rack and visibly posted a security warning signs, such as the hand, can be said to be secure, able to allow users to rest assured model.

Hand after selected, the packing check the relevant technical documents and random items, verify that the number of the certificate and the machine is consistent. Also sales units or manufacturers issue sales invoice, this is not only a user proof ofpayment of the purchase, the user will go through the licensing procedures required documents, don't forget to check and fill out the warranty card services. Statemaintenance of agricultural machinery product provides, this is when users purchase a product quality problems, to ask the manufacturers warranty and claims are based on.