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Classification Of Agricultural Machinery Parts

Jul 06, 2017

               Agricultural machinery Accessories A general summary of the associated with agricultural production of mechanical accessories, covering a wide range. For example: Tractor Power machinery accessories, tires, car fights, such as harvesting machine, including potato harvester, peanut harvester, agricultural machinery (pears. Harrow. Sowing) to plough, for example, the plow includes a disk plow, a plow, a animal plow, the components of these machines include a plow point, plow leg, plough, plow, etc. Related to the industry, production of accessory products can be called agricultural machinery accessories.

               1, "Plow the whole Machine" tillage machine plough flip plough, disk plow, rotary cultivator, loose soil machine, stubble machine, grader, digging machine, ditching Ridge machine, United Whole Earth Machine, Harrow, repression.

                2, "Plant protection machinery" cultivator, lawn mower, smoke machine, sprayer, lawnmower, dusting machine, lawn mower.

                3, "irrigation and drainage machinery" sprinkler series, drip series, micro-spray series, greenhouse series, filters, PE pipe fittings, PVC pipe fittings, water outlet (valve) nozzle, spray gun, pump, and other.Agricultural Machinery Parts

                4, "Power transmission machinery" gasoline engine, diesel engine, engine, tractor, loading and unloading vehicle, lifting table, conveyor, hoist, feeder, loader, forklift.

                5, "Planting fertilization machinery" seeder, drilling machine, point sowing machine, planting machine, transplanter, transplant machine, fertilization machine, top dressing machine, plastic film machine, edible fungus production machinery, and other.

               6, "Harvesting machinery" harvester, Harvester, threshing machine, picking machine, strapping machine, stripping machine cleaning machine, drying machinery, warehousing equipment, seed processing machine, and others.

                7, "grain and oil machinery" rice mill, polishing machine, grading screen, to Stone machine, the valley roughness Separator Press, pre-press, refining equipment, leaching equipment, rice flour equipment, grain and oil drying, grain and oil packaging, grain and oil instruments, milling equipment.Agricultural Machinery Parts

                8, "fruit and vegetable Machinery" selection machine, nuclear machine, pre-boil machine, grading machine, fruit and vegetable beater, fruit and vegetable crusher, fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, fruit and vegetable juicer, fruit and vegetable waxing machine, fruit and vegetable preservation equipment, and other.

                9, "Feed machinery" mixer, granulating machine, grinder, dryer, grading equipment cooling spraying, packaging ingredients, dust removal, feed equipment.

                 10, "Animal husbandry machinery" chicken equipment, pig equipment, hatching equipment, fan series, heating equipment, aquaculture equipment, capture equipment, slaughtering equipment, and other.Agricultural Machinery Parts

                11, "Cotton machinery" carding machine, flower, gin, cashmere machine, cotton baler.Agricultural Machinery Parts

                 12, tea machinery twisting machine, fried tea machine, dryer, incense machine, vacuum packaging machine.

                 13, "fertilizer machinery" crushing equipment, drying equipment, cooling equipment, granulating equipment, screening equipment mixing, quantitative packaging, fertilizer production line.Agricultural Machinery Parts

               14, "Agricultural machinery accessories" Harvester accessories, micro-tillage machine parts, rotary tiller accessories, transplanter accessories, agricultural vehicle accessories, lawn mower accessories, tractor parts, agricultural equipment.Agricultural Machinery Parts