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Component Materials For Generator

Oct 16, 2017

Generator in operation, due to the presence of current and magnetic field, it is necessary to produce iron and copper loss, this loss in the form of heat to the stator winding and iron core, so that the winding temperature rise, reduce the efficiency of the generator, on the other hand, the generator stator windings and iron core insulation to burn the generator The air cooler can turn the hot air in the generator into a cold wind, and the heat is taken away from the cooling water.

First you need a generator motor, if you're doing a miniature wind generator, the four-wheel motor can be replaced, then you put your good leaf plate on the front rotor head of the motor, used to draw the wind, when the wind blows the motor rotor to rotate, the back end of the motor can generate electricity at two wire ends. This is the power generation principle of wind turbines, but it is only possible to emit electricity without practicality.Generator

When you're ready for these materials, first of all, the generator motor can be connected to a wire terminal diode, to prevent the production of electric power back to the motor, and then connected to the voltage regulator (here need to remind the regulator's voltage regulator power beforehand need to determine good, and to meet the motor generated voltage parameters requirements, Prevent the voltage regulator circuit version burned) and then put the battery into the regulator (the battery voltage also in the voltage regulator parameters) is done, when the wind drive your motor rotation, the generated electricity will be regulated by the circuit and stored in the battery.Generator

A motor that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. Usually driven by a turbine, a turbine, or an internal combustion engine. The generator is divided into two kinds of DC generator and alternator, and the latter can be classified as synchronous generator and asynchronous generator. Synchronous generators are the most commonly used in modern power plants. It is DC current excitation, not only to provide active power, but also to provide reactive energy to meet the needs of various loads.Generator