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Correct Operation Of Walking Tractor

Sep 19, 2017

    New Car running-in. Engine load-free running-in: Start the engine after the small, medium and large throttle order to make the engine idling, the time is generally 5 min, in this process, carefully listen to observe the operation of the engine, check whether there is oil leakage, leakage and other phenomena, the speed is stable, exhaust fumosoroseus is normal. When found abnormal, immediately flameout check, eliminate the failure after the running-in.Walking Tractor

    The whole vehicle running-in: After the engine running-in, in the engine medium speed operation condition, carries on the load-free running-in, from the low block to the high block order, then carries on the load running-in, the load from small to big, the speed from low to high carries on. In this process, pay attention to listen to and observe the engine, gearbox, walking mechanism and steering system work, found abnormal phenomenon, immediately stop, find fault to eliminate.Walking Tractor

    After the running-in hot release engine oil bottom shell, the lubricating oil in the gearbox, cleans with the clean diesel oil, then joins the clean lubricating oil, thoroughly inspects the vehicle various parts, especially the important fastener, such as the wheel nut, the engine and the frame connection nut and so on, adjusts and eliminates the breakdown when necessary, releases the cooling water cleaning cooling system, Lubricate the lubricating parts according to the regulations.Walking Tractor

    Start。 The tractor should check the oil before it starts. Fuel, cooling water is in line with the requirements, start to hang slow, and then gradually replace the quick block, before hanging the clutch grip, so that the engine power and gearbox separation, clutch handle to pull in place, otherwise the separation is not clear, hang gear. After the suspension of the clutch handle, it should be fast and slow, and gradually increase the throttle, or the locomotive will suddenly before channeling. Do not pinch the turn of the hand to start, with the accelerator as the horn.Walking Tractor