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Detailed Introduction Of Diesel Engine Parts Failure

Sep 19, 2017

     The diesel engine in addition to burning tile shaft, sticky cylinder, ramming cylinder, etc. can not be rotated, the following symptoms should be repaired. Difficult to start. Diesel engine is not easy to catch fire, first check whether the cylinder pressure is adequate. If the cylinder pressure is insufficient, will reduce the compression temperature, when the compression temperature is lower than the diesel spontaneous combustion temperature (350 ℃), the fuel injected into the cylinder will be difficult to ignite. The cause of the cylinder pressure is not enough, cylinder wall, piston, piston ring wear, valve closure is not strict, cylinder gasket sealing bad, combustion chamber volume increase.Diesel Engine Parts

    Low power, fuel consumption, exhaust fumes. The main reason is bad cylinder sealing, compression pressure reduction, so that gas leakage increased, fuel combustion is not complete, resulting in diesel engine power drop, crankcase pressure increased, oil see seam outward channeling, exhaust smoke, fuel consumption increased.Diesel Engine Parts

   Oil consumption increased and pressure decreased. The main cause of oil consumption is piston ring and ring groove wear, the gap increases, the piston ring pump oil effect is enhanced, the oil ring wear after the elasticity drops, the scraping action weakens, causes the engine oil which flees into the combustion chamber to increase, the platoon steam Belt blue smoke.    The reason for the decrease of oil pressure, except the oil sticking through dilute and bad oil pump work, mainly because the crankshaft spindle neck and the connecting rod axle neck and the bearing bush wear, the match gap increases, the oil outflow from the increase gap, causes the pressure to drop.Diesel Engine Parts

   The operating parts produce a different sound. The main parts of the crankshaft linkage mechanism wear, the coordination gap increases, each of the mechanical parts under the alternating load under the action of the additional impact of the sound. If it continues to be used, it can cause serious accidents.Diesel Engine Parts