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Diesel Engine Infrastructure

Aug 22, 2017

    There are many diesel generator parts, such as diesel filter, oil-water separator, oil filter, air filter, sealing ring, gasket, piston, electric nozzle, tubing, all kinds of connectors, sensors, bearings, shaft seals, batteries and so on. Do not enumerate, users in the use of diesel generators must pay attention to the maintenance of the unit and check, to ensure that the unit and its accessories normal operation!Diesel Engine
    Diesel generating set is a kind of small-scale power generation equipment, which refers to diesel fuel, diesel engine as the original motive to drive generator power machinery. The whole set consists of diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, starter and control storage battery, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components.Diesel Engine
    The whole can be fixed on the basis, positioning use, can also be installed in the trailer, for mobile use. The diesel Generator unit is a discontinuous running power generation equipment, if running more than 12h continuously, its output power will be lower than the rated power of about 90%. Although the power of diesel generator sets is low, it is widely used in mines, railways, field sites, road traffic maintenance, factories, enterprises and other departments as standby power supply or temporary power supply because of its small size, flexible, lightweight, complete, convenient operation and maintenance.Diesel Engine
    A common diesel generator set consists of three parts: Diesel engine, generator and control system, and the diesel engine and generator have two connecting ways, one is flexible connection, that is to connect the two parts with the coupling, two is the rigid connection, uses the high strength bolts to connect the generator steel connection piece and the diesel engine flying wheel to become, the present market Diesel Generator Group uses the rigid connection to be more some, the diesel engine and the generator are connected after installing on the public chassis, then with each kind of protective function sensor, such as water temperature sensor, through these sensors, the diesel engine operating status is displayed visually to the operator, and with these sensors, you can set an upper limit, when the limit is reached or exceeded the control system will be forewarned, this time if the operator did not take measures, the control system will automatically stop the unit, the diesel generator set is to take this way to protect itself.Diesel Engine
   Sensors to receive and feedback the role of various information, the real display of these data and the implementation of the protection function is the diesel Generator set control system, the control screen is generally installed on the generator, called the Backpack-type control screen, also has a part is a separate screen placed in the operating room, called the split control screen, the control screen through the cable and the generator and the sensor connection, respectively display the electrical parameters and diesel engine operating parameters. In addition, the generator set has chassis, couplings, radiators, fuel tanks, and some also equipped with muffler and housings.Diesel Engine