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Diesel Engine The Reason Of White Smoke

May 17, 2017

Causes and diagnoses of white smoke in diesel engines

Diesel Engine The exhaust of the diesel engine should be colorless or grayish, such as the paecilomyces Fumosoroseus of the engine may be faulty. The engine in the work of smoke is because of the exhaust gas containing diesel vapor or steam, by observing the exhaust paecilomyces Fumosoroseus can help to determine the fault location of the diesel engine, so as to achieve timely troubleshooting purposes.

Diesel Engine The engine can prolong its service life only by maintaining good working conditions, while the full combustion of fuel saves fuel, improves economy and reduces air pollution.

1, Diesel Engine troubleshooting and troubleshooting

1 Diesel Engine The winter cold car just start the engine rear air tube to take a lot of white smoke. But after running a period of time with the increase of engine temperature white smoke gradually disappeared, and then normal, the engine temperature is too low, no need to exclude.

2 Diesel Engine The diesel engine is weak and white smoke. The hand can be close to the exhaust pipe, when the white smoke skimmed Hander water droplets indicate that the cylinder has been entered, at this time can be used single cylinder breaking oil method to find leaking cylinder. If the single cylinder breaking oil affects the diesel engine speed, indicating that the cylinder works well, otherwise the cylinder does not work, the injector should be removed to inspect the spray holes on the water track; If the water should be found to inspect the inlet causes, the cylinder rupture or the cylinder mat is bad; if each cylinder is in the same situation, still work is incapable of risking white smoke, check the diesel oil for water. You can turn on the fuel tank and the fuel filter's sewage screw plug, check whether there is water in the fuel.

3 Diesel engine smoke can improve the operating temperature of the engine, such as in the water temperature of 70 ℃ or so the exhaust paecilomyces fumosoroseus from smoke to smoke, it can be judged as the fuel injector atomizing bad, drip oil. The fault oil injector is detected by the method of cylinder breaking up, and then the injector is verified; if there is a drop in oil spray, it should be further examined because the pressure is too low or because the needle valve body deformation or wear even caused by improving.

4 The diesel engine starts when the white smoke, the temperature rises after becoming a black smoke. This indicates that the cylinder pressure is insufficient, although this pressure can maintain the diesel engine start-up, but when the temperature is too low, some diesel oil will evaporate into steam discharged. Should check the tightness of valve closure, the phase of gas distribution, cylinder pad or fuel injection seat hole sealing pad whether leakage, the cylinder wear is too large, the piston ring has no card hysteresis or whether its openings overlap, and then to symptomatic solution.

How to check the engine exhaust gas is not easy to start the fault?

Diesel Engine The phenomenon of failure. The engine is not easy to start, starting when the exhaust gas discharged a lot of white smoke.

II. Diesel Engine Cause of failure

(1) There is water in diesel oil.

(2) The cylinder gasket flushes or the cylinder head screw bolt fastening torque is insufficient, causes the water to enter the combustion chamber.

(3) The cylinder body or cylinder head cooling water jacket cracks.

(4) The weather is too cold for the engine to preheat enough.

(5) The oil supply advance angle is too large or too small.

III. Diesel Engine Fault INSPECTION

(1) Diesel Engine close to the outlet of the exhaust pipe, and found that there is a drop of water on the hand, indicating that it enters the combustion chamber. If the engine water temperature rises, the upper part of the tank is bubbling out, the oil surface in the shell is also indicated that water enters the combustion chamber.

(2) Diesel Engine such as the engine after the performance of the weak, unstable operation, the exhaust gas is still white smoke, can continue to preheat the engine after starting, such as the starting when the white smoke can be run with the engine gradually disappeared, indicating that the original start is due to the engine temperature is too low easy to start. If the LED is not lit, the preheating device is faulty. such as preheating still take white smoke, indicating that the oil supply is a problem, should be sent to repair shop inspection and commissioning of oil or to Prudential to buy original parts replacement.