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Disc Plough Introduced

Jan 23, 2017

Has not wrapped around grass, without blocking, hilling, can cut off the stems of crops and overcome the soil hard core, high efficiency, good quality, easy to adjust, easy and durable features.

Disc Plough is a hydraulic horizontal pendulum disk plow, plow plough beam back-end connection through the tail wheel steering mechanism the tail wheel, steering mechanism via a crank arm connection at the top of the plow and hydraulic cylinders at one end through the ear plate connecting the plough beam via the ear plate rack on the other side of the hydraulic cylinder. Is the new 20-150-power tractors used farm implements, yuntai driving disk plow the whole Middle Yunnan box, power transmission gear box, disc Coulter, side shaft Assembly, composed of riding, which is direct-coupled structure. Suitable for water, dryland farming and soil preparation.