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Fault Reason Of Generator

Aug 22, 2017

     Common faults and exclusions of diesel generators. Start-up difficulties: Failure phenomenon, diesel generators in the starter drive, speed to reach the starting speed, but can not start, usually performance is: (1) Start without a sound, exhaust vent smoke-free discharge, can not start. (2) Start can hear a continuous burst of sound, there is white smoke or a small amount of black smoke, but can not start.Generator
    Fault reason: low-voltage oil circuit failure. 1 No oil or oil in the tank is too low, straw suction does not oil. 2 The tubing is ruptured and the tubing joint is loose. 3 The fuel supply system has air or piping, which causes the engine not to catch fire. 4) Diesel oil in the water, frozen in winter, resulting in a pipeline impassability; the use of diesel oil markings in winter, resulting in diesel wax, plugging filter and tubing. 5 long-term do not clean, do not replace the diesel filter filter cartridge, resulting in blockage. 6) Pump overflow valve spring break or by foreign body pad, so that diesel oil from the low-pressure oil flow back to the diesel tank, So that the low pressure circuit can not maintain a certain oil pressure, the engine does not catch fire.Generator
    Oil pump Fault: Check valve assembly improper, or the use of too long, so that the valve seat surface wear too much. The strainer is plugged. The plunger of the pump is bitten, or the spring is broken, or the wear is serious, the oil pump is not normal. The pump rod is not tight.Generator
The fault of oil supply transmission system: 1 The governor's transmission rod is worn so that the fuel supply rack lever cannot reach the starting oil quantity and the rated oil supply position. 2 Stop Oil cylinder card die at the lowest oil level, can not make the engine fire, or the connection part of the oil cylinder falls off. 3) The joystick connection pin shaft wear is serious, does not have the control function.Generator
    The fault of the fuel injection pump: 1 Adjust the right pole to bite dead, or plunger because the spring is broken and stuck, so that the supply gear rod always stay in the parking position. 2 The plunger is worn out, or the plunger is stuck in the sleeve. 3) Gear wear is serious, so that the gap between plunger and tappet is too large, causes the pump oil quantity to drop, causes the engine not to catch fire. 4) The locking bolts of the oil supply adjusting gear ring loosen or fall off, and the pump oil supply is changed. 5) The valve has the dirt cushion, or the valve spring breaks and the oil leakage or one valves hairpin. 6) The coupling plate of the fuel injection pump is damaged, or the coupling bolt is loose, so that the oil supply time changes, which causes the engine not to catch fire. 7 the fuel injection pump shaft and the transmission gear connection loose, causes the fuel injection pump not to work. 8) intermediate timing gears or fuel injection pump drive gears broken Generator