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General Supporting Facilities For Diesel Engine

Jun 29, 2017

    Diesel engines are engines that burn diesel to get energy. It was invented in 1892 by the German inventor Rudolph Dissel (Rudolf Diesel), in memory of the inventor, whose diesel engine was said to be the diesel of his surname, and diesel engines called Diescher engines (diesel engine). Traditional diesel engine Features: thermal efficiency and economic performance, diesel engine using compressed air to improve the air temperature, so that the air temperature exceeds the ignition point of diesel fuel, then sprayed into the diesel, diesel spray and air mixture of their own ignition and combustion. Therefore, the diesel engine does not need ignition system. At the same time, the fuel supply system of diesel engine is relatively simple, so the reliability of diesel engine is better than that of gasoline engine. The compression ratio of diesel engine is very high because it is not restricted by deflagration and the need of diesel spontaneous combustion. Thermal efficiency and economic performance are better than the gasoline engine, at the same time in the case of power, diesel engine torque, the maximum power when the speed is low, suitable for the use of truck.Diesel Engine
   Diesel engines are mainly used in final supporting products, such as high-power high speed diesel engine supporting heavy-duty vehicles, large passenger cars, engineering machinery, ships, generators and so on. Therefore, the development of the diesel engine industry depends on the related terminal product market situation to a great extent. In the field of agricultural diesel engine, market growth in developing countries will make up for the decline of the developed countries, the rapid growth of the global population and the upgrading of the old equipment demand for agricultural machinery, the global agricultural diesel engine market will show high growth. In the field of aero-engine, the engine industry is the core fine molecule industry of aviation industry, the future development foreground is very broad.    Combined with the above analysis of various fields, we believe that the global diesel engine will maintain a 8% pace of steady development.Diesel Engine
The fuel supply system of ordinary diesel engine is driven by the engine camshaft, and the diesel oil is transported to each cylinder fuel chamber with the help of high-pressure oil pump. This kind of oil supply method should change with the engine speed change, does not have the optimum oil supply quantity under each rotational speed.Diesel Engine