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Generator Daily Maintenance Is Necessary

May 17, 2017

Generator The continuous work of generators is detrimental to the efficiency and service life of generators. The existing maintenance means, whether from the cost of saving or from the point of view of electricity safety is far from the needs of customers. Aiming at this situation, a new method of daily maintenance of generator set is proposed.

Firstly, clean and improve the environment of the room, replace the three filters periodically; no-load, no-load time per month for no more than 5 minutes; replace three filters according to the running time of the unit, not periodically; the unit load test machine is carried out quarterly and the power mutation tests are carried out.

Generator Also, the unit four leakage phenomena, surface, start-up batteries, oil and fuel, such as inspection; unit replacement parts, overhaul or the replacement of three filters, must be carried out full test machine to judge.

Diesel Generator lease Four protection for generators include: high temperature protection, low oil pressure protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection.

1, Generator over current, when the user's load exceeds the rated current of the gasoline generator set, the generating unit will also have an outage alarm.

2, Generator low oil pressure, when the generator in the oil is insufficient or reached the warning level, the Power generation unit will also issue low pressure alarm and shutdown.

3, Generator when the water high temperature, when the generator set the water tank temperature reaches 98 degrees above, the Generator control module found water high temperature warning then stop protection.

4, Generator over the load, when the user load exceeds the rated power of the generator, the generator will also appear alarm downtime in addition, the generator set has many other protection parameters such as: low voltage, short-circuit, etc., can be based on the different needs of customers.

Generator The operation efficiency of generators is inseparable from the daily maintenance. Therefore, the strengthening of machine maintenance and repair is not delayed production process, but for better production and operation. The use of long-term deactivated generators should be inspected the insulation of the coil, insulation resistance should not be lower than the prescribed standard, otherwise must be dried before use. Operation personnel should not leave the generator, should pay attention to the noise of the generator parts, watch the meter, found abnormal, immediately stop check, repair can continue to work. When working to check the commutator and slip rings, should wear insulating gloves, rubber shoes, near the excitation machine and the rotor, sliding ring on the floor of the rubber pad, can be carried out. Generators are not allowed to overload. The switchboard should be kept clean and the meter should be calibrated periodically. The temperature of the generator shall not exceed the number of values stipulated by the original manufacturer, such as excessive temperature, should be checked for downtime, and can continue to work after troubleshooting.