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Generator Failure Requirements

Sep 28, 2017

Can not power: wiring error by line check, correct, the main generator or exciter winding winding error, resulting in polarity is not right; Exciter excitation current polarity and permanent magnet polarity does not match often occur after the replacement of the excitation winding Wrong wiring should be checked and corrected.Generator

Silicon rectifier components breakdown short circuit, positive and negative are conduction with a multimeter check rectifier components positive and negative resistance, replace the damaged components. The main generator excitation winding disconnection with a multimeter to measure the main generator excitation winding, the resistance is infinite, should be connected to the excitation circuit.Generator

The main generator or exciter of each winding has a serious short circuit armature winding short circuit, generally have obvious overheating. Field winding short circuit, can be used to determine the DC resistance value, replace the damaged winding. Permanent magnet loss of magnetic, can not be built pressure generally occurs in the generator or exciter fault short circuit, the permanent magnet should be re-magnetization. Or with 6V battery magnetization pressure. The same structure and wind turbine diameter wind turbine can be equipped with different sizes of generators. So that two wind turbines of the same construction and wind turbine diameter may have quite different rated output power values. It depends on its design is to match the strong winds (with larger generators) or weak winds (with smaller generators).Generator

Car generator maintenance: automotive generators are important parts of automotive electronics, its function is two parts: the supply of electricity needs; to the battery charge. In order to keep the generator in the car running steady state, should continue to do the following conservation work. After a certain mileage, adjust the tightness of the generator belt, according to the need to re-fix the calibration screw, the generator tripod screws should maintain a certain degree of tightness. Pay attention to the degree of bearing wear, if found to be insufficient lubrication, from the oil cup mouth drop a few drops of oil, pay attention to not penetrate the rectifier, otherwise affect the power transfer effect. Rectifier fouling, available fine sand cloth polished. Brush contact surface uneven, available fine sand cloth tied.Generator

If the elasticity of the spring is insufficient, the new parts are replaced when the brush wears too much. Brush is too short without damage, the gasket can be used into the bracket, so that it is close with the rectifier. Brush bracket insulator damage, need to reprovision new pieces. Generator pole loose, must immediately tighten, if it is poor insulation, should be removed for dressing.Generator