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How Does The Walking Tractor Spare Parts Stand Out From The Category?

Jun 16, 2017

How does the tractor classify?

First, the classification of tractors

Tractors can generally be sorted by one of the following methods. (1) Classification by use 1, industrial tractors: mainly used for road construction, mining, water conservancy, oil and construction projects, can also be used for farmland capital construction operations. 2, forestry tractor: mainly used for forest material, that is, harvested down the timber collected and transported to the forest. Equipped with special equipment can also be planted, afforestation and logging operations, such as J-80 and J-50A tractors. Generally with a winch, carrying plate and remove the obstacles and so on. 3, agricultural tractors: agricultural tractors are mainly used for agricultural production, according to their different uses can be divided into: (1) ordinary tractor

It is characterized by a wide range of applications, mainly for the general conditions of farmland mobile operations, fixed operations and transportation operations, such as harvest -180, Taishan -25, iron cattle -650 and other models of tractors (2) tractor Suitable for farming operations, but also for other operations, such as Changchun -400 is a universal tractor. It is characterized by a large tractor clearance from the ground (generally more than 630 mm), the tire is narrow. (3) horticultural tractor is mainly suitable for orchards, vegetable, tea and other operations. It is characterized by small size, flexible, small power, such as walking tractors and small four tractors. (4) Special type tractor: it is suitable for working in a special working environment or to adapt to a special needs of the tractor. Such as tractor-tractor (Hubei -12 tractor, boat), mountain tractor, paddy tractor and so on.Walking Tractor Spare Parts

(B) by means of walking devices

1, track (also known as chain rail) type tractor

Crawler tractor walking device is the track, it is mainly applied to the soil sticky weight, wet plots field operations, farmland water conservancy, earthworks and other farmland capital construction work. At present, China's production are all tractor-type tractors, such as the East Red -75, Dongfanghong -802, Dongfanghong-70T, Dongfanghong -1002/1202 and other models of tractors.Walking Tractor Spare Parts

2, wheeled tractors

The wheeled tractor is a wheel. According to the number of its walking wheel or axle can be divided into two types of hand-held and wheeled tractors:

(1) walking tractor

It has only one axle. Such as the wheel only one wheel called a single wheel tractor, there are two wheels called double wheel tractor. Because they have only one axle, so the operator in the farm operations for walking, hand-held manipulation of tractors work, so our habit will have a single-axis wheel and two-wheel tractor called walking tractor, such as workers and peasants -12 (Workers and peasants-12K), Dongfeng -12 and other walking tractors. The tractor is actually one of the wheeled tractors.Walking Tractor Spare Parts