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How To Choose Agricultural Machinery Parts

Jul 26, 2017

          First, see if the specification model is suitable. Most of the agricultural machinery spare parts have the specified model and technical parameters. When choosing a transmission belt, should pay attention to the model and circumference; When choosing bearings, should pay attention to the bearing category; When choosing the needle valve coupling, we should pay attention to the fog angle and the diameter of the jet hole.Agricultural Machinery Parts

          Second, see whether the logo is complete. To buy the formal production of products, not only the quality of the regular products, but also the packing box on the clear handwriting, overprinter color bright, box, boxes marked with product names, specifications, models, quantities, registered trademarks, factory sites and telephone numbers, etc., some manufacturers also in the accessories marking. Some large or important parts of the factory, also equipped with a manual to guide users to correct use and maintenance. Choose not to buy fake and shoddy products.

          Third, see if the geometrical size is deformed. Some parts due to manufacturing, transportation, storage improper, easy to produce deformation. Check, the shaft parts can be fitted along the glass plate to see if there is any light to determine whether or not to bend; Choose the clutch from moving plate steel sheet or friction film, the steel sheet, friction sheet can be raised before the eyes to see if it is warping; When choosing oil seal, the end face of the oil seal with skeleton should be positive circle, and can be fitted with flat glass without deflection. No skeleton oil seal outer rim should be correct, with hand to make its deformation, let go after the original, should be able to buy all kinds of gaskets, should pay attention to check the geometrical size and shape.

          See whether the binding site is flat. Spare parts in handling, storage process, because of vibration, bump, often appear burr, indentation, breakage or crack, affect the normal use of parts. Pay attention to check when purchasing.Agricultural Machinery Parts

           Five, see if the surface of the parts rust. Qualified parts of the surface, both a certain degree of precision and high surface roughness. The more important the spare parts, the higher the surface roughness, the more stringent anti-rust and anti-corrosion on the package. If you find the parts have rust spots, dew change spots or rubber pieces cracked, lose elasticity, or the axle neck surface has obvious vehicle blade grain, should be replaced.Agricultural Machinery Parts

           VI. See if the protective surface is intact. Most parts are coated with protective layers at the factory, such as piston pin, bushing with paraffin protection, piston ring, cylinder liner coated with antirust oil and wrapping paper wrapped, plunger deputy, Oil valve deputy, needle valves, such as oil-impregnated antirust oil and plastic sleeve pressure seal, valve, piston and other oil after the dip in the plastic bag package. If you find that the seal sleeve is damaged, the wrapping paper is lost, the rust-proof oil or the paraffin wax is returned.