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How To Make A Small Wind Generator

Aug 10, 2017

            First you need a generator motor, if you are doing a micro-wind generator, the four-wheel motor can be replaced, then you put the front rotor of the motor on the head of your good leaf board, used to draw wind, when the wind blows the rotor of the motor, the back end of the motor can generate electricity, and this is the power generation principle of the wind turbine, but it is only possible to emit electricity without practicality.Generator

            Second, if you need a really practical micro-wind generator, you will need to do some of the following steps, and prepare some materials, such as a diode, a voltage regulator (voltage regulator circuit board), a battery and so on.Generator

            When you are ready for these materials, you can first connect a conductor of the generator motor to the diode to prevent the power flow back to the motor, then connect to the regulator (this is a reminder that the regulator's voltage-stabilizing power needs to be determined beforehand.) and need to meet the parameters of the motor generated voltage requirements, to prevent the voltage regulator circuit version burned) and then put the battery into the regulator (the battery voltage also in the voltage regulator within the parameters) is done, when the wind driving your motor rotation, The resulting power will be processed and stored in the battery in a regulated circuit.Generator