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Importance Of Agricultural Machinery Parts In Production

Aug 22, 2017

     Agricultural machinery Accessories A general summary of the agricultural production associated with the mechanical parts, covering a wide range. Agricultural machinery Accessories A general summary of the agricultural production associated with the mechanical parts, covering a wide range. Agricultural Machinery Parts
     For example: Tractor Power machinery accessories, tires, car fights, such as harvesting machine, including potato harvester, peanut harvester, agricultural machinery (pears. Harrow. Sowing) to plough, for example, the plow includes a disk plow, a plow, a animal plow, the components of these machines include the Plough point, plow leg, plough, plow and so on. Related to the industry, production of accessory products can be called agricultural machinery accessories.Agricultural Machinery Parts
    In the spring plowing production, the agricultural machinery plays an important role, can improve the water, species, fertilizer, medicine and other elements of the comprehensive effectiveness, can effectively shorten the production cycle, is conducive to scramble farming. When agricultural machinery is hot-selling, it is necessary to learn the false discrimination and scientific use of agricultural machinery for peasant friends. Farmers friends in the purchase of agricultural machinery, how to identify fake and shoddy products, the correct selection of agricultural machinery? Here are some ways to introduce you. To view the quality certification mark. The good agricultural machinery product obtains the national Technical Appraisal Department to issue the qualified certificate and the badge. such as "Agricultural machinery Promotion License", "Production license" and "3C (mandatory product certification) logo" and so on, such products are quality assurance, but should pay attention to identifying the authenticity of the badge.Agricultural Machinery Parts
    Must have a full range of random documents, spare parts. The main use of the manual, three packs of vouchers (warranty card), product certification, random spare parts and tools. Should pay attention to the use of specifications on the model, indicators and product on the number, such as the tractor product assembly engine model and power. Don't forget the product certificate, which is the proof of the quality of the product. Some are hung on the machine, some are installed in the random spare parts box, to be carefully examined. Check the packing list to see if the random spare parts and tools are complete. The use of instructions, three packs of certificates, certification to complete, otherwise it will affect the use of products and after-sales service. These documents are also the main evidence and basis for dealing with disputes according to law.Agricultural Machinery Parts
    To perform a skin check. The whole machine is distorted and deformed from all directions around. There is no rusty place, the sheet metal is smooth, there is no leakage of paint, flow paint, the casting has no blowhole, sand hole, burr, plastic parts color, wall thickness is not uniform, tires, triangular belts and other rubber between the aging deformation, there is no leakage, oil leakage of the place. Machine must have a fixed nameplate, see the nameplate on the machine model is not the same as their own needs. Some look similar from the appearance, the name is very similar, but a little attention to buy back can not be used. No nameplate, site, is basically not the formal production of enterprise products, quality is difficult to ensure.Agricultural Machinery Parts