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Inspection Method Of Walking Tractor

Oct 25, 2017

Careful inspection of locomotive before use can eliminate hidden trouble and prevent accidents. Usually should check diesel engine and chassis has oil leakage, leakage, leakage phenomenon. Check the diesel engine cooling water is added. Check the oil surface height and quality of oil base shell lubricant. Check the oil surface height of gearbox gear oil. Unscrew the oil check screw on the box, and the gear oil can overflow from the screw hole. Check the tension of the V. Belt too loose, should be adjusted. Check the tire pressure. The air pressure is too low to be replenished.Walking Tractor

After the warm machine, can start. When starting, lift the front support bracket of the tractor up. Do not grip the steering handle, sway left and right, until the pendulum is not moving. Pull the clutch brake handle to the "off" position. Pull the shift lever and put it in the desired position. Put the clutch brake handle from "off" to "close" position, so that the tractor slowly began to move. Control the throttle according to the size of the traction load.Walking Tractor

Tractors in the operation, when the load and road conditions change, need to change traction or speed, can be achieved by shifting gears. The clutch brake handle is quickly pulled to the "away" position before changing gears. Hang the variable lever to the desired position, push the left to the low speed and pull the right to the high speed. Slowly combine the clutch, the tractor can obtain the corresponding speed.Walking Tractor

The brake handle of the walking tractor is made with the clutch handle. Clutch rocker arm and brake rocker arm are also made into one. When the handle is pulled from the joint position to the separating position, the swinging angle of the brake arm is small and the braking action is not reached. The handle continues to pull back, the brake swing arm swinging angle increases, the brakes start to function, so that the tractor parking. If you hang the trailer, you need to step on the trailer brake at the same time.Walking Tractor