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Installation And Maintenance Of Diesel Engine Parts

Jun 16, 2017

Installation of diesel engine accessories:

1, cylinder pad: assembly, the side of the curling should be toward the cylinder head; if installed anti, will early leak, burning cylinder pad, affecting its life.Diesel Engine Parts

2, the top of the piston horseshoe-shaped groove or the top of the peach-shaped tip should be facing the top side; if installed against, is not conducive to the mixture of fuel and air, unburned fuel can not produce secondary vortex movement and combustion is not complete, resulting in diesel It is not working properly after starting or starting. The following are the same as the "

3, connecting rod and piston assembly; should make the small end of the rod and the piston at the top of the horseshoe-shaped groove or the top of the peach-shaped tip of the same side toward the top; otherwise, resulting in connecting rod small end sleeve and piston pin can not be lubricated, and Forming dry friction.

4, connecting rod tile on the next tile: If the new replacement of the bearing, then regardless of the upper and lower; if after the use of the bearing, according to the original location of the complex, should not be on the next transposition, otherwise it will affect the journal And the relationship between the bearing pad.

Diesel engine accessories maintenance:

1, clean the cooling system, remove the scale.Diesel Engine Parts

2, check and adjust the fuel injection pressure and fuel injection atomization quality.

3, check the fuel supply advance angle, if necessary, to be adjusted.

4, check the main bearing bolts, connecting rod bolts and cylinder head bolts tightening, tightening torque to tighten the tightening to the provisions of the tightening torque.

5, check the pump performance and water seal, and add grease.

6, demolition check the charging generator, starter cleaning and maintenance, and filling the grease.

7, if necessary, remove the cylinder head grinding valve, remove the combustion chamber carbon deposition.

8, if necessary, calibration fuel injection pump.Diesel Engine Parts

9, depending on the need to dismantle that yo jump.

10, need to replace the wearing parts.Diesel Engine Parts