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Introduction Of The Composition Of Walking Tractor

Jun 29, 2017

    The tractor (Tractor) is used to pull and drive the working machinery to complete the mobile operation of the machine. Also can do fixed operating power. From the engine, transmission, walking, steering, hydraulic suspension, power output, electrical instrumentation, driving control and traction systems or devices. Engine powered by transmission system to drive wheels, so that the tractor driving, in real life, the common is the rubber belt as a power transmission medium. Tractors for agriculture, industrial and special purposes, by function and use, by structure type, crawler, boat-shaped tractor and chassis, etc.Walking Tractor
    Although the tractor is a more complex machine, its type and size are different, but they are the engine, chassis and electrical equipment, three parts, each is indispensable. Engine It is a tractor-generated power device, its role is to convert the heat energy of the fuel into mechanical energy to output power. Most of the agricultural tractors produced in our country adopt diesel engine. Chassis It is the tractor transmission power device. Its role is to transfer the power of the engine to the driving wheel and working device to make the tractor travel, and to complete the mobile operation or fixed role. This role is achieved through the coordination and co-ordination of the transmission system, the walking system, the steering system, the braking system and the working device, and they form the skeleton and body of the tractor. Therefore, we refer to the above four systems and a large device as the chassis. In other words, in the whole of the tractor, all other systems and devices except engine and electrical equipment are collectively referred to as tractor chassis.Walking Tractor
   Walking tractor can be driven by the power of the internal combustion engine through the transmission system, to obtain driving torque drive wheel again through the tire pattern and tire surface to the ground small, backward horizontal force (tangential force), this reaction is to push the tractor forward driving force (also called the bit propulsion). Simple structure, low power, suitable for small plots of arable land. By the driver to hold the armrest control mechanism, traction or drive supporting tools for the operation.Walking Tractor