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Mechanical Properties Of Plough Machine

Sep 08, 2017

     It is very important to reduce the cost of arable land, prolong the service life of tractor, reduce the labor intensity of the driver and improve the efficiency and quality of the farmland. Its adjustment mainly includes five aspects: the tractor tread adjustment carries on the farmland work, the tractor's track should be consistent with the plough width. If it is inconsistent, the tractor's tread should be adjusted.Plough Machine
     The purpose of the adjustment is to make the center line of the plow's resistance basically coincide with the longitudinal axis centerline of the tractor in order to eliminate the eccentric traction of the unit. The way to calculate the track is: The Tractor's tread: The working width of the Plough +1/2 Tan breadth + 1 tyre widths. Adjustment method: Using Jacks or other tools to support the tractor, so that the rear wheel is vacant, loosen the driving wheel on the drive axle of the positioning screws, to the inside or outward to move the driving wheel, so that it and plough the width of the appropriate, and then tighten the positioning screws.Plough Machine
     The adjustment of the relative position of plow and tractor mainly includes three adjustments: the limit chain length adjustment of suspension device. Loosen the limit chain of the tractor suspension device to adjust the nut on the screw, by changing the length of the adjusting screw, so that the lower lever is symmetrical to the center line of the tractor longitudinal axis, and make the left and right swing of the lever between 3 degrees 5 degrees. Adjustment of the left and right position of the suspension shaft.Plough Machine
     By rotating the suspension shaft or adjusting the position of the limit nut, the plow wing of the plow and the medial line of the right rear wheel of the tractor coincide with 2 cm ~. 5 cm. Adjustment of the front and rear positions of the suspension shaft. The straight rod suspension axis is adjusted by moving the ends of the shaft in the long groove hole. The curved suspension shaft rotates by turning the adjusting handle to change the relative position of the two ends.Plough Machine
     The result of the adjustment is to make the plough longitudinal beam parallel to the center line of the tractor longitudinal axis. The adjustment of the horizontal position of the plow adjusts the length of the tie rod on the tractor suspension device, so that it has a 2-degree-3-degree buried angle when the suspended plow falls to the ground and is in the horizontal state before and after the specified tillage depth. After the adjustment, the test tillage is carried out and the compensation is adjusted according to the requirements of flat, positive and straight in the trial tillage.Plough Machine