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Mechanical Purchase Of Walking Tractor

Jul 26, 2017

              Walking tractor-machinery purchase in the Walking tractor purchase, the first to pay attention to check the appearance of quality, including the coating quality and the quality of various parts. The paint should be bright and uniform without leaking, peeling, peeling and rusting, and external parts intact. The surface of each casting is smooth, no cracks, weld seam should be flat, firm; for like engine and body, engine cylinder cap, high pressure oil pump and electric circuit joint, drive wheel, frame and gearbox, and other important parts to check whether the connecting bolts are complete and reliable, can not have serious leakage oil.Walking Tractor

             The second is to see whether the instruments and lamps are complete and effective. Can be used to open the engine pressure bar, slowly shaking the engine way, see the oil pressure gauge or other oil pressure indicator device has no pressure rise display. Check the operation of the mechanism has no card collision phenomenon, the operation is effective and reliable. When the clutch handle is pushed to "separate" position, the separation should be thorough; in the "combination" position, there should be no slippage; in the "braking" position, the force can be used to push the tire rotation to check whether the brake is effective and reliable. Shift lever in the hanging gear should have a clear feel, there should be no card touch, hang up the difficulty or hang up the phenomenon, in the stop state of the main transmission lever can only be from the empty position to hang a or no more than two block, in the walk can not automatically remove or disorderly block. Clutch check, hang up, the main clutch placed in the joint position, pinch the handle, the driving wheel can be light to roll, loosen the switch to the platform handle, then feel the difficulty of pushing. can also be left and right to check, pinch the side of the handle, you can turn in the opposite direction.Walking Tractor

            The starter engine runs the inspection. Before starting the engine, should check engine oil, gear lubricating oil surface height and whether has the fuel and the cooling water. After all normal, can start, check engine start is difficult. After the engine is running smoothly, observe the color of the exhaust pipe to discharge smoke. The normal operation of the diesel engine Fumosoroseus is colorless or light gray. In the process of operation, pay attention to listen to the operation of the components have no abnormal sound. Hand-drag steering is flexible, the braking is reliable. Run for 10 minutes or so to check the ground leaking oil.Walking Tractor