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Parts Code For Diesel Engine Parts

Oct 13, 2017

There are many parts and complex structure of EFI engine, and it is widely involved in electronic technology and micro-computer technology. If maintenance personnel still use traditional overhaul methods, often repair bad, even damage important parts. The use of professional terminology to describe the maintenance of EFI engine, will make people feel abstract, difficult to understand, not to touch the mind.Diesel Engine Parts

The key to maintenance EFI engine is to see if the control system is out of the question. If there is a problem with the control system, there is a fault code, then the traditional method can not be repaired, but to read the fault code and decode. EFI engine's self-diagnosis device to store and display the fault code, read this fault code, to use the car's manual analysis of the fault code represents what meaning, the fault where, and in the instructions to eliminate the failure. This is called decoding. Please note: You cannot use the specifications of other models to solve the problem of this model. Different model of the fault code meaning is not the same, "key."Diesel Engine Parts

Before reading the fault code can not unplug the power of the fuse or disconnect the battery, because the battery is the total power of the automobile engine, unplug the fuse or remove the battery is tantamount to interrupting the EFI engine control system power supply, the memory of the fault code will automatically eliminate. If you want to obtain the fault information again, you must reproduce the working condition and working conditions when the failure occurred. such as the speed and load of the engine, the temperature of the engine and the working state of the sensor, it is obvious that it is very troublesome and time-consuming to reproduce these conditions. Therefore, before the maintenance of EFI vehicles should be required to read and record the fault code, then unplug the fuse to carry out other maintenance operations, to prevent inadvertent loss of code.Diesel Engine Parts