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Parts Introduction Of Agricultural Machinery Parts

Oct 13, 2017

The appearance of some users in the purchase of vehicles, should be based on the use of conditions, the level of use, the nature of work, working environment and economic capacity, according to the variety of vehicles, models, the correct choice of the applicable brand. When purchasing, appearance quality check is the first step to select the check. Check the integrity of the whole machine. The external parts are missing or damaged, the body, the casing has no breakage and crack condition. Special attention should be paid to the inspection of the hood and other panels and the integrity of lighting fixtures.

Check all parts of the three leakage (oil leakage, leakage, leakage) situation.Agricultural Machinery Parts  Special attention should be paid to check the cooling water release switch, fuel tank switch, gearbox oil screw plug, oil bottom Shell Oil plug, fuel pipeline, cooling water pipe and machine tubing Road and other parts of the leak traces. Carefully loosen the oil bottom Shell Oil plug to check, if there is water outflow, should be suspected that the body internal leakage failure. Diesel engine part of diesel engine is the heart of agricultural vehicles, its performance is good or bad, directly affect the working conditions of vehicles, must be carefully inspected.Agricultural Machinery Parts

Check startup performance. In accordance with the requirements of the manual, add good oil and water, in the case of sufficient battery storage, continuous start-up 3 times, each interval of more than 2min. 3 times should be at least 2 times to start the car, the start-up time should be within 5s. Check the status of air transport. After starting the diesel engine, the operation should be easy and smooth, the sound should be pure crisp and full of rhythm, oil pressure should remain normal. Check for accelerated performance. Add the diesel engine throttle to the medium-speed operation, slightly stabilize, and then quickly increase the throttle and release the throttle, so repeated several times.Agricultural Machinery Parts 

If the diesel engine acceleration and deceleration are both brisk and sensitive, it is indicated that the diesel engine has a good accelerating performance.Agricultural Machinery Parts Chassis Part chassis is the body of agricultural vehicles, the impact on the driving conditions is quite large, especially some important parts, not only the performance of the motion, but also related to personal safety. Check the steering control system to adjust the parts. For example, steering gear assembly and steering knuckle adjustment is appropriate, left and right turn round diameter to meet the requirements, the front bundle adjustment is correct, the ball head pins, anyway pull rod each connection nut has no leakage and whether to tighten, steering is light and flexible.Agricultural Machinery Parts