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Performance Of The Walking Tractor

Sep 28, 2017

New car running. The engine is running without load: start the engine after the small, medium and large throttle in the order of the engine idling, the time is generally 5 min, in the process, carefully listen to observe the operation of the engine, check whether there is oil spills, Phenomenon, speed is stable, exhaust smoke is normal.Walking Tractor

When the anomaly is found, immediately turn off the fire check, remove the fault and then run again. Vehicle running: the engine after the end of the run, the engine in the case of mid-speed operation, no load running, from low to high block order, and then load running, the load from small to large, the speed from low to high. In the process, pay attention to listen to and observe the engine, gearbox, travel agencies and steering system work, found abnormal phenomenon, immediately stop, find fault to be excluded.Walking Tractor

Variable speed. Towing tools to walk, in order to prevent bumpy damage, the application of low-speed gear; in the field operations, in order to ensure the quality of operations, even if there is sufficient traction, can not use high-speed block. In the block change, are parking shift. Pull down the clutch before the handle to reduce the throttle, the car is to stop moving forward, in the driving without stopping the speed, low block high gear, should first increase the throttle to increase the speed, and then reduce the throttle at the same time, quickly pull the clutch handle hanging high A level of gear, generally not leapfrog.Walking Tractor

High block low gear should first reduce the throttle pull down the clutch handle, the shift lever into the neutral, and then relax the clutch handle, while adding throttle, so that the engine speed increases, and then quickly pull the clutch handle, Gear, and then relax the clutch handle, so that the locomotive can be variable speed, avoid neutral over speed landslide.

Safe parking. Before parking, should slow down or use the slippery taxi, and gestures to indicate the rear of the car and nearby pedestrian attention, slowly to the right side of the road parked. Long time to stop, to turn off and be braked, must be on the ramp when the parking, to select the safe position, after stopping to pull the clutch handle to the brake position, and at the same time put on a block or reverse gear, Or stone blocks the wheels to prevent slippery.Walking Tractor