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Post-sale Instructions For Agricultural Machinery Parts

Sep 19, 2017

     Agricultural machinery is a kind of specialized production tools with high technical content and complex structure, and the working conditions of the operation are very bad, and the technical level and professional knowledge of the operators are quite different. At the same time, as a production tool, as the use of the extension of the period, mechanical parts will wear and tear caused by the use of the performance of the decline, affecting the normal use. Therefore, the use of agricultural machinery management of the lack of maintenance this link.Agricultural Machinery Parts

    Repair and maintenance can be divided into two parts: part is the technical maintenance, that is, hand in the use of the machine can do the reasonable custody, day-to-day maintenance, regular maintenance and proper operation of the use, this can prolong the service life of the machine, improve the application effect of the machine; the other part is repair, That is, rely on hand own conditions and means can not solve the maintenance content, such as machine main parts damaged repair or replacement repair, the use of a certain period after the medium, overhaul and detection adjustment, and so on, it must be specialized in agricultural machinery repair service outlets or stations, factories, please professional repair.Agricultural Machinery Parts

   The maintenance of agricultural machinery should be in accordance with the ' prevention of weight, the principle of keeping heavy in practice, implementing technical maintenance rules, power machinery to determine the maintenance cycle according to the main fuel consumption, on time, by number, according to the technical requirements of maintenance, to achieve technical maintenance standards, to ensure that the equipment in good technical condition.Agricultural Machinery Parts

   The tractor, the automobile, the internal combustion engine overhaul, must have the overhaul ability the agricultural machinery Workshop undertakes. Agricultural Machinery Workshop to ensure that the overhaul of the locomotive to meet the quality of acceptance standards of power, made and other technical and economic indicators, the implementation of three packs, and has a clear warranty period. According to the needs of agricultural machinery, the technical status of agricultural machinery regularly inspected to ensure timely repair.Agricultural Machinery Parts