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Precautions For Air Cooled Diesel Engine

Jun 29, 2017

   Air-Cooled diesel engines are diesel-fuelled internal combustion engines that convert the heat from fuel combustion into electrical energy or mechanical energy.    Mostly used in geological prospecting, oil mining, military and other special industries, most of the small horsepower of the engine.Air Cooled Diesel Engine
Note: (1) regular inspection and adjustment of the fan tape tightness. If the tape is too tight, the fan bearing load is too large, the adhesive tape is easy to wear early; Too loose, then make the tape skid, reduce the fan air volume, cause the diesel engine overheating, the tape is easy to damage. The correct degree of tape tightness, should be in the diesel engine start-up and flameout no skid phenomenon, with the thumb to 20 the force of the limb belt, falling distance for L0 Lomm appropriate. (2) On time to the fan bearing and tensioning wheel (many air-cooled diesel engine with tensioning wheel, used to adjust the fan tape tightness) bearings into the lubricating oil, to ensure that the bearing lubrication good, flexible rotation, no card lag phenomenon. (3) To prevent excessive idle time, the fan speed is insufficient, the air volume is reduced, the cooling effect is poor, causing the diesel engine overheating. (4) The shroud must not be deformed to ensure good sealing. Before starting, should check whether the guide Shroud hook tight, when running, must cover the wind cover, otherwise will change into the direction of the wind and flow, the formation of hot air reflux, reduce the cooling effect.Air Cooled Diesel Engine
   (5) Ensure that the windshield is not leaking, damaged, lost, to ensure the cooling effect. (6) Timely troubleshooting of oil spills. The leaking oil will be blown to the heatsink by the fan, sticking to the dust, preventing ventilation between the fins and weakening the heat dissipation. This will also make the tape skid, causing the fan speed is not enough, the tape early corrosion damage or rupture. (7) Fan blades, cylinder heat sink, cylinder head heat sink, oil radiator surface of the accumulation of oil for a long time, will make the cooling effect seriously worse, should be in time with diesel washing or compressed air from the cooling air flow in the opposite direction blowing dust debris. (8) To constantly check, on-time maintenance and maintenance of fan tape break instructions to install straight, in order to be able to timely detect the tape fault, prevent overheating phenomenon. (9) Regular inspection of the oil supply advance angle (too small for oil advance, will cause the diesel engine temperature rise too fast and overheating). The failure to meet the requirements should be adjusted in a timely manner. (10) After each working period of the diesel engine, the fuel injection quality of the injector should be inspected on the test bench, the whole injection pressure should be ensured, the fuel injector works well, and the diesel engine is overheating due to the bad working of the injector.Air Cooled Diesel Engine