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Related Indexes On Diesel Engine Parts

Oct 25, 2017

First of all, to do a good job of starting the preparatory work in coexistence, including checking and adding oil, fuel and cooling, shut down each storage tank of the discharge switch, parking time too long when pressing the electric fuel pump button (no electric fuel pump, should pull, pressure manual pump several times), so that fuel injection pump filled with diesel, when necessary, should also be pressed in the electric fuel pump button or bit, Pressure manual oil pump At the same time, loosen the fuel injection pump on the gas screw, to eliminate the low-pressure circuit air.Diesel Engine Parts

Second, the variable lever is placed in a neutral position, the parking brake handle is placed in the braking position, connect the power switch, all out of the starting and thickening device button, will flameout knob back to the end, will idle adjust the knob counterclockwise to the end, step on the accelerator and clutch pedal, press the Start button or unscrew the start switch can make the diesel engine start. If the button press 5s can not start, should release the button pause for half a minute before restarting again.Diesel Engine Parts

If the indicated pressure is very low (characteristic is not to indicate the oil pressure) or the warning light does not extinguish, should immediately completely loosen the accelerator pedal or the diesel engine flameout, then identifies the reason, eliminates the breakdown. If the needle refers to the normal oil pressure or oil pressure warning lamp flameout, and then identify the cause, troubleshooting. If the needle refers to the normal oil pressure or oil pressure warning lamp has been extinguished, that is, slowly lift the clutch pedal, and twist the idle speed adjustment knob to the diesel engine speed fixed in the 600~700r/min until the diesel engine temperature up to 50 degrees, and then transferred to 500r/min. It is forbidden to start the diesel engine without preheating.Diesel Engine Parts