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Scientific And Technological Progress Of Generator

Oct 13, 2017

With the advance of automobile technology in Sui Dynasty, the electricity consumption of automobiles is getting higher and high. 20 years ago, the output power of the intermediate sedan is generally only about 500 watts, and now the average intermediate car generator is around 1000 watts. The increase of generator power increases with the increase of electric equipment on the vehicle. Now the generators on the car are air-cooled generators, which are cooled by the fan with the rear of the pulley to enter the casing. Under the limitation of the existing air-cooled generator construction, the increase of power will inevitably lead to the enlargement of the generator volume.Generator

At the same time, to increase the cooling degree of fan size will increase the noise. In view of the contradiction between the existing generator and the increase of power consumption, some solutions for water-cooled alternator are proposed. Water-cooled alternating current generators are cooled by water instead of fans. The main heating part of the alternator is the stator, and the cooling part of the water-cooled AC generator is the stator and winding. The front cover and rear end cover of the generator are made of aluminum, and the channel Groove is opened.Generator The stator and coil windings are sealed with synthetic resin, and the stator and the rotor are separated by an aluminum surround plate and a waterway. The waterway is communicated with the inlet and outlet pipes, and the inlet and outlet pipes are communicated with the engine cooling water system respectively. Compared with the air-cooled alternator, the water-cooled alternator is complex, the leak-proof sealing requirements are improved and the cost is increased. At the same time, due to the problem of connecting water pipes, installation layout is also subject to many restrictions, the degree of freedom reduced. However, the power generation and low noise performance of water-cooled alternator is incomparable with the wind-cooled alternator.Generator Because the water-cooled alternator greatly inhibits the stator, the temperature rise of the rotor and the regulator can raise the excitation current, the higher the excitation current, the greater the output voltage, so when the water-cooled alternator Low-speed rotation will also have a good charging performance, this low-speed charging performance is very important for the normal use of urban vehicles.Generator