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Selection Of Agricultural Machinery Parts

Sep 08, 2017

     In daily life, whether agricultural machinery or agricultural machinery maintenance personnel, will often encounter cracks in agricultural machinery parts can be difficult to find the situation. How to check the cracked agricultural machinery parts? The author will be clever to check the agricultural machinery parts crack method is described as follows: agricultural machinery hand or agricultural machinery maintenance personnel can be with cracks in the agricultural machinery parts into the kerosene, until the part soaked 30 minutes, the first to remove and dry the surface, and then put a layer of chalk powder on its surface. After a period of time, the cracks in the agricultural machinery parts will become black.Agricultural Machinery Parts
    Users in the purchase of combine, should be based on the operation area, harvesting objects, the nature of operations, manufacturers three packs of service outlets and accessories supply capacity and other factors to buy products. Self-walking wheel feed into combine harvester. This type of model is more suitable for north, northeast, northwest, Central Plains and dryland environment operations, to harvest wheat mainly, and also to accept rice, suitable for long-distance transfer, is the main model of offsite harvesting, cross-regional operation. Self-walking crawler-type all feed into combine harvester. The model is suitable for the harvest of wheat and rice crops, and it can be applied to the wet soil in the paddy fields of central and South China. Can be harvested in different areas, cross-regional operations, but if the long-distance transfer, the need for car transport.Agricultural Machinery Parts
    Self-walking Caterpillar half feed into combine harvester. This model is mainly suitable for rice harvest and can be used for wheat. Is the most complex factor in small and medium-sized combine products, the highest price. Compared with other models, the food cleanness after harvest is higher, and can adapt to the deep mud feet, lodging serious harvest conditions, but also to ensure the complete stalk after harvesting. Hanging combine harvester. Hanging combine harvester is the use of tractor power to carry out harvesting joint operation, there is a single power and dual power two kinds. This kind of model is cheap, can use more than one machine, but disassembly is more troublesome, production and sales volume is declining gradually.Agricultural Machinery Parts
    As mentioned above, in the selection of combine harvester, the use of the machine area, harvesting objects and the nature of the operation is an important factor to consider. In addition, the purchase of brand-name machine is also a wise choice. Good brand machine usually refers to this kind of machine operation performance is good, the work is reliable, has the good prestige in the market.Agricultural Machinery Parts