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Structure Of Disk Plow

Jan 23, 2017

Including left arm shell body, and left support arm, and gear box, and drive gear, and meshing sets, and manipulation rod, and sprocket box, and disc axis and disc tablets, manipulation Rod installation in gear box Shang, and and meshing sets connection, also including left box, and active axis, and right box, and from moving axis, and active cone gear and passive cone gear, drive gear set in Active axis Shang, meshing condom loaded in Active axis Shang, active cone gear fixed in Active axis of output end, and and passive cone gear meshing, passive cone gear fixed in from moving axis of entered end, Boxes are installed in the drive sprocket and driven sprocket sprocket, drive sprocket and driven sprocket are double chain, drivesprocket and driven sprocket connected by a double chain, drive sprocket and driven shaft fixedly connected at the output, the driven sprocket connected to the disc shaft fixed.