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The Electromechanical Unit Of Silent Type Air-cooled Generator

Nov 03, 2017

Power generation and welding of electric welding machines share a power generation winding, through high-frequency inverter technology, the power output is converted to welding voltage and current, which greatly reduces the welding machine's volume, weight and loss, improves the welder's whole machine efficiency, at the same time, because the work in the high frequency condition, the welding penetrating force is strong, the molten pool is deep, has the arc easy, the splash is small, The characteristics of stable current and good forming are helpful to improve the quality of welding products.Silent Type Air-cooled Generator

Mute Diesel Power Welder energy-saving, environmental protection, low noise, can meet the full position of steel pipe welding requirements, continuous welding stability is good, weld pool clear, corrugated fine, smooth, well formed. Big ze power mainly produces electric welding machine, diesel power welder, gasoline power welder, gasoline generator, diesel generator, digital generator, multiple-fuel generators and other products.Silent Type Air-cooled Generator

When the unit is transported to the destination, should as far as possible in the Treasury, if there is no warehouse needs to be stored in the open air, the tank will be elevated to prevent rain, the box should be stamped with rain tents, in case of damage to the equipment. Due to the large size of the unit, heavy weight, the installation should be arranged before the transport route, in the room should be reserved for the handling of the mouth.Silent Type Air-cooled Generator

If the doors and windows are not big enough, you can use the door and window position to reserve a larger handling port, to be moved into the unit, and then fill the walls and install windows and doors. Wind-cooled ultra-quiet diesel generator set many operators are unwilling to use the diesel engine to work under the rotational speed, they think the speed is low and will not malfunction.Silent Type Air-cooled Generator 

In fact, the low speed of diesel generator sets will bring some undesirable consequences: one is that the low speed will reduce the output power of the diesel engine, reduce its power; second, the low speed will lead to the reduction of the working speed of the components, will worsen the working performance of the components, reduce the output pressure of the oil pump, etc. third, reduce the storage power of the diesel engine,Silent Type Air-cooled Generator 

So that the diesel engine should be in full load or overload working condition; Four is the speed is too low to make the linkage mechanism work machinery's rotational speed also reduces, will reduce the work mechanical performance, such as reduces the water pump's outflow, reduces the pump's lift and so on.Silent Type Air-cooled Generator