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The Main Points Of Choosing Walking Tractor

Sep 08, 2017

      A small tractor. Also known as the Garden tractor. By the driver to hold the armrest control mechanism, traction or drive supporting tools for operation. The structure is simple, generally by the frame, power plant, transmission system, walking device, steering system, brake and control mechanism. The power is small, generally uses the horizontal Single-cylinder diesel engine, the engine power from V passes to the transmission system, by the clutch control power speed.Walking Tractor
      According to the dynamic size can be divided into 2.2 kilowatts below, 2. $number. 5-kilowatt, 5~13 kw 3 levels. According to operating performance can be divided into driving, traction and driving traction and the use of the type. Drive-type main supporting rotary tiller, bulldozing shovel, cultivator, fertilizer machine and other operations, it is also known as Power cultivator.Walking Tractor
     Traction type main supporting tractor-type tools, such as plough, seeder, small harvester and trailer operations. And the use of the type can not only support the operation of Rotary tiller, but also supporting the traction tools work or with trailers for transport operations. According to the walking device can be divided into wheeled, crawler-type and cultivator. In order to improve the driver's working conditions, the Chinese-made walking tractor increases the supporting wheel and installs the seat, which becomes the ride-seat tractor.Walking Tractor
     The cultivator is also known as the wheeled Walking tractor, which is characterized by having no drive wheel, but installing rotary cultivator on the drive shaft to cultivate the soil and walk forward. Its driving force can also drive water pumps, agricultural boat hanging oars and agricultural and sideline products processing machinery, some areas also set up a general purpose rack, can be changed to a variety of working parts for a variety of operations.Walking Tractor