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The Structure Of The Tractor

Jan 23, 2017

Walking tractors by power size divided into 2.2 kW, 2.2~4.5 kW, 5~13 kW 3 grades. According to the work-performance-driven, traction and driving traction and type. -Driven main tiller operation, it is also called powered cultivator; traction main supporting trailing implement operations; and supporting both rotary machine (seefigure), and matching drawing tools or accompanied by trailers for transport operations. By walking device consists of wheeled, tracked, and hard work. Wheeled tractors by walking round were again divided into single and double types.

To improve working conditions for drivers, Chinese-made tractors 1~2 additionalsupport wheels and installing seats, tractor ride; working tractor-no wheeled tractor, its characteristics are not driving wheels, but in the installation of rotating driveshaft work parts, soil tillage, and walk forward. Walking tractor mechanical structure generally consists of a frame, engine, transmission system, running gear, steering, brakes and steering mechanism and so on.

Use horizontal single-cylinder diesel engine, engine is powered by a v-belt pulley to train by the clutch control drive speed. Powered by chain drive transfer case to transmission, Central transmission, final drive, steering and the brakes are mountedinside the transmission. Transmission gears, gear position randomly varies depending on the type, usually 6+2 (that is, 6 forward gears, 2 back), at least 3+1, up to12+6. After transmission of power by a central transmission and final drive to thedrive wheel on both sides. Steering clutch clutch clutch or copper ball.

Control installed on the handheld in order to control the throttle, transmission, steering, braking and power output. Power through the gears from the power outputshaft or directly by the engine output. Running to meet the needs of the paddy field work, in addition to tire also has a variety of iron impeller, also equipped with atail wheel. Tail wheel transport and work rounds two, intended to support weight,assisted steering which is used to adjust tilling depth. Paddy field work can be switched to a skid.