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The Use Of Air-cooled Diesel Engine

Aug 10, 2017

              1. What should be noticed in the use of valve spring? It is very dangerous to damage or break the valve spring of engine running, which can cause vicious damage accident. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the valve spring. The design of valve spring is free height of 59±1.9mm, the use of the limit free height of 56mm. If the free height is the general test, the new spring will be replaced by the 5mm. The valve spring is shortened after a long period of use, indicating that the fatigue deformation has occurred, and the accident of fracture damage is easy to be used. In addition, the spring becomes shorter, the elasticity drops, the valve will be closed lax or even cause the work of the valve hit the piston caused by mechanical damage accident. Therefore, the maintenance should pay attention to timely check the measurement valve spring height, timely replacement of the length of the valve spring.Air Cooled Diesel Engine

              2. Why use special tools to install piston rings? What should I pay attention to when installing the piston manually? German Deutz Company Technical data: The installation of the piston should be used with a limited block of pliers to limit the opening limit of the piston ring. If there is no special installation pliers, you can install it with your bare hands. But the manual installation is more laborious, easy to card injury finger; with hand break piston ring, open size is not easy to control, breaking the mouth too big easy to break the piston ring, even if the piston is not broken but will also be damaged, ambush the danger of rupture.Air Cooled Diesel Engine

              Theoretically, when the piston opening size is larger than 8 times times the thickness of the piston ring, the piston ring has the possibility of breaking or opening the shape. Therefore, when the lack of special tools to install the piston ring unarmed, should also be properly mastered the opening of the piston ring, do not make it too large. Before the piston ring is not installed should not be free to close the opening Test ring, this will also cause the piston to deform or break. If you can buy the piston ring with limited position to install pliers, it is better to install it.Air Cooled Diesel Engine