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Tractor Storage Maintenance

Jan 23, 2017

Walking tractors such as inactive for a long time, is a series of problems and faults, in order to avoid failures again, pay attention to maintenance.

1. Parking locations. Best inside the warehouse, but not with chemical fertilizers and pesticides are put together, so as to avoid the corrosion part if parked outside,you should choose high, dry and ventilated place, with plastic sheeting covering toprevent mechanical damage and corrosion.

2. Chock parts. Tractor with wooden piers or masonry pad to reduce the tire's load if straw mats, inflatable tires, increasing the amount of 10%~20%, and check back often, often inflated, not gas.

3. Thorough cleaning. Clean tractor appearance of dirt and oil, overhaul, adjust, tighten all parts and screws so loose.

4. Put the net of oil and water. Tractor after deactivation, the engine's cooling water, diesel fuel, oil, and all net.

5. Maintenance parts. Apply oil dehydration (heat the oil to about 130 ℃) into the inlet pipe, turn the crankshaft and oil stick on the piston, piston, cylinder and valveon. And rocking to compress the piston TDC, so that valve spring, putting parts ofoppression for a long time and lost its performance.

6. Remove injectors. Fuel injector cleaning in clean diesel, loosen adjustment screws, plug the injector hole with Cork.

7. Axle box grease. 1kg g dehydrated oil, into the crankcase, then turn the crankshaft several times, oil lubrication system with dehydration.

8. Part of polyester oil. Rocker arms, high pressure tubing, oil down, parts of the bolt and nut, tighten, all coated with oil dehydration, to prevent rusting.

9. Good lubrication. According to tractor parts lubrication requirements, selectionof standard lubrication adequate lubrication.

10. Dressing and dust-proof. The engine air filter, exhaust, easy, such as water tanks, fuel tanks into the soil into dust, with items such as plastic or paper securely and prevent the entry of debris and dust.

11. Keep the battery vents open, because GM battery produces hydrogen and oxygen in the process, if the vent blockage may cause battery rupture. Second, note that battery fluid level, normal fluid level should be above the plate 10~15 mm. Used batteries should be placed in a cool, well ventilated place.