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Trouble Shooting Of Agricultural Machinery Parts

Sep 28, 2017

Harvester greatly reduces the farmers' ability to harvest food and improve hunger production efficiency. But compared to large-scale combine harvesters, the design of small harvesters more casual, the application is more extensive, how to buy small harvesters. Users in the purchase of combine harvesters, should be based on the operating area, harvest objects, the nature of the operation, manufacturers three bags of service outlets and accessories supply capacity and other factors to buy products.Self-propelled crawler-type semi-fed combine harvesters. Agricultural Machinery Parts

This model is mainly applied to rice harvest, can be combined with wheat. Is the small and medium-sized combine harvesters in the highest coefficient of complex products, the highest price. Compared with other models, the food after the harvest cleanliness is high, and can adapt to deep mud feet, lodging serious harvest conditions, but also to ensure the integrity of the stem after harvest. Hanging combine harvesters. Hanging combine harvester is the use of tractor power to carry out joint harvest operations, there are two kinds of single power and dual power. This model is cheap, you can use a machine, but the disassembly is too much trouble, production and sales in the gradual decline.Agricultural Machinery Parts

Troubleshooting: If the engine is not running, you can check from several aspects. One is to check whether the fuel used up, if the exclusion method is to add fuel; the second is to check the engine boot sequence is correct, the exclusion method is to check the boot plate; third is to check whether the engine compression is good, Rod, the use of recoil hand rotation; four is to check whether the fuel spray can not be excluded by checking the nozzle is stuck, and the fuel pipeline is into the air.If the engine does not force, can be checked from several aspects. Agricultural Machinery Parts

One is to check whether the air filter is blocked, the exclusion method is to clean the filter; the second is to check whether the engine oil deterioration or less, the exclusion method is to replace or make up oil; third is to check whether the engine compression, Piston ring Agricultural Machinery Parts